Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Foil for all

Vintage post from 9/13    We see it Everywhere ... FOIL... This is like duck tape there are so many uses for this shiny stuff it is simply amazing! 

II felt that a blog post on Foil was "worthy" to teach everyone that this was one product a family cannot do without to have plenty on hand.. Here are just a few tips on foil.. if you put it around your plants such as tomatoes they will be 2 weeks ahead of everyone, you can use it to clean "RUST" off things but be careful it doesn't scratch. Wrapping paper, for your food, decoations galore.. make a funnel in a pinch and what is nice is that it can be any size. Use it to sharpen knives and sissors fold it over a few times and then scrape it against the edge. line your pans for easy clean up, etc... Never be without this amazing stuff you just don't know when you are going to need some foil!

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